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Treatment of Myopia

A 36 years old male with high myopes (very high minus numbers of -10 in both the eyes) wanted to get rid of his thick spectacles. He came to get some clarity regarding Lasik surgery. During the examination, his corneal thickness came up to be 503 micrometre in RE and 501 in LE which was less compared to his numbers. Lasik was not advisable in that condition. The next best option was implanting an ICL (Implantable Contact Lens) in both of his eyes. ICL helps patients with a higher number to get freedom from glasses. The patient agreed to go with ICL and lenses were implanted in both of his eyes within a gap of 4 days. The very next day of implantation the vision of the patient was 6/6 in both of his eyes without any need of spectacles.

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