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MM Chokshi Eye Hospital is an Eye Hospital in Vadodara, Gujarat since the year 2001. MM Chokshi Medical Centre was named after Late Prof. MM Chokshi, the first chartered accountant of the city and the grandfather of Dr. Nilam Chokshi. Soon after completing super speciality, Dr. Nilam and Dr. Chirayu started the ‘MM Chokshi Medical Centre’ with blessings for their parents.

MM Chokshi Eye Hospital is a fifteen-bed hospital in the heart of the Vadodara city. The hospital is located 1 km from the railway station and 6 km from the city airport. The staff of M.M. Eye is highly qualified and has been associated with the hospital for more than 10 years. The hospital has a tax exemption facility and is associated with all major TPA providers to provide cashless treatment.


Our vision is to provide the best quality eye treatment to every individual using the best available technology. We aspire to become the one-stop solution when it comes to any kind of eye-related problem.


Our mission is to expand the horizons of Lasik treatment and introduce new technology and methods to treat any eye related problem with the highest success ratio.

Our Values Are:

Ethical Practices
Result Oriented
Team Work
Quality Care

Message from Director

Dr. Nilam Chokshi | Ophthalmologist in Vadodara
Our ability to see is one of the most important blessings of life. Without a vision life is nothing but darkness. At MM Chokshi Eye Hospital we constantly work towards bringing colours to someone’s life.
Our team of experienced medical staff is completely dedicated to provide a solution for any kind of eye related problem.
Our primary focus has always been patient centric and we have always pushed boundaries to provide the best quality treatment.
Whenever you think you can’t see what lies ahead, we’ll always be there to help you out!

Nilam Chokshi

Our Team