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Best Eye Hospital in Vadodara

Experienced Eye Surgeons and Staff

Our Eye Surgeons hold vast experience for providing personalised care to every patient.

Latest Technology

The technology that we use at M M Chokshi Eye Hospital is incorporated with the latest medical technology and medical equipment to ensure the patients get the highest level of care.

Entry-level NABH accredited

Our eye hospital is approved by the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals which ensures high quality care and safety of the patients.

About MM Chokshi Eye Hospital

Best Eye Hospital in Vadodara


Our vision is to provide the best quality eye treatment to every individual using the best available technology. MM Chokshi is Best Eye Hospital in Vadodara. We aspire to become the one-stop solution when it comes to any kind of eye-related problem.


Our mission is to expand the horizons of Lasik treatment and introduce new technology and methods to treat any eye related problem with the highest success ratio. Call us to get an appointment at the Best Eye Hospital in Vadodara.

MM Chokshi Eye Hospital

15 +

Bed Hospital


We provide a solution for every type of eye and retina related problems

Schedule an appointment with our eye specialists for any kind of eye related issue.

Cataract Surgery (Phaco)

Eye Doctors at MM Chokshi Eye Hospital offers comprehensive personal counseling to each patient before undergoing cataract surgery. Phaco (Cataract) surgery takes a very short period to perform and the recovery period of the patient is much less compared to the traditional surgeries


Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases that can cause vision loss and blindness by damaging the nerve in the back of your eye called the optic nerve. Doctors at MM Chokshi Eye hospital has more than a decade of experience in Glaucoma diagnosis and treatment

Lasik Surgery

Lasik surgery is used for treating refractive errors of the eye. MM Chokshi Eye Hospital offers advanced Lasik laser surgery procedure which is completely safe and painless. Lasik surgery helps to reshape the cornea to enable light to focus on the retina which results in clearer vision

Medical Retina

A damaged retina can lead to severe visual disturbances which, if left untreated could lead to permanent damage. Medical retina covers many retinal conditions which can be treated with lasers. Damaged Retina can be treated through laser treatment of intravitreal injections


Oculoplastic surgery is an eye treatment that includes reconstruction of the eye and important structures around the eyes like eyelids, eyebrows, orbit, and the tear system which are vital to the normal appearance and function of our eyes. Our eye doctors are trained to do a variety of eyelid and facial surgery


Pterygium is a membrane growth on the eye which covers the white part of the eye and invades the cornea. Pterygium can lead to damage of the cornea in rare cases and lead to vision loss. MM Chokshi Eye hospitals have experienced eye doctors for Pterygium Removal Surgery & treatment

Need an Eye Specialist?

Consult with the best eye specialist in Vadodara at M M Chokshi Eye Hospital and Look at the world with more clarity. You can request assistance from our best Ophthalmologist, today!

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Informative Videos

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MM Chokshi Eye Hospital’s Dr. Natasha will be talking about Glaucoma, symptoms of Glaucoma to look out for, and risk factors that put individuals at greater risk for developing the eye condition.

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