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Contact Lens Clinic

Contact lens Clinic

Contact lenses not only enhance visual acuity and appearance, but also improve performance in different visual tasks, help avoid fogging of glasses in different environments, and also improve performance of other fast activities like sports.

Contact lenses are medical devices placed on the eyes and that’s the reason they require expert fitting and careful instruction, as well as conscientious care and compliance with recommended follow-up examinations to maintain the healthy functioning of your eyes. To insure your contact lens success, we would like to familiarize you with our contact lens procedures and policies.

The goal of contact lens fitting is to find the most appropriate contact lens for your optimal comfort and vision. An enormous variety of types, styles, materials, sizes and colors are offered. We are committed to taking the required time and making the effort to find the perfect lenses that suit you best. Although many patients need only one fitting session, some require several appointments. In our experience, the extra time, effort and patience are very worthwhile, both for your ultimate satisfaction and the health of your eyes.

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What are different indications for contact lenses?

Optical indication

Optical indication is the most common indication for myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism.

Cosmetic indication

Cosmetic indication includes the reasons such as to get rid of spectacles or to change colour of eye by wearing different coloured lenses.

Occupational indication

In many artistic cases some artists or photographers opt for lenses to fulfill their required vision.


It is a condition in which a patient has two different numbers. Usually a difference of more than 2 dioptres is not well tolerated by patients as it causes double vision and it causes eye strain. In such cases a contact lens becomes very helpful.

Medical conditions

Keratoconus (KC)

Keratoconus is a thinning disorder of the cornea that causes distortion and reduced vision.

Pellucid Marginal Degeneration (PMD)

Pellucid Marginal Degeneration is a condition whereby the lower cornea becomes thinner and the optic surface of the cornea becomes irregular and the vision becomes blurry.

Laser or Lasik surgery

It may happen that the Laser and Lasik refractive surgery may result in residual refractive error. In the event that they can not be corrected with further procedures, fitting with contact lenses may be required. To tackle these conditions a special contact lens is required for the fitting.

Corneal irregularity

Corneal irregularity resulting from ocular injury, disease, infection or surgery including those who have had corneal transplant surgery, radial keratotomy surgery or those with corneal scarring and irregularities from injury or corneal disease experiencing poor vision from the visual distortions.

Corneal Ectasia

Corneal ectasia is a condition where the cornea begins to protrude after being thinned too much from refractive surgery.


For how long can I wear my contact lens?

Different types of contact lenses have different types of life cycle based on their duration such as daily disposable,monthly, quarterly or yearly. These lenses are supposed to be worn as per their specification. At a stretch, one can wear contact lenses for a maximum 8-10 hours a day. One thing should be always kept in mind to not sleep with their contact lens on.

How do I take care of my contact lenses?

  • Wash your hands properly before touching the lenses.
  • Clean the lenses daily even if you don’t wear them.
  • Change the lens solution and clean the case daily/every alternate day.
  • Do not wear lenses if you have redness, watering, itching, foreign body sensation.
  • Consult your ophthalmologist regularly.

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Amblyopia is a condition which is developed during childhood, it decreases visual that has resulted from abnormality. Around 2% of the population is affected by Amblyopia. Any condition which can cause poor visual input before the age of 9 years has a high chance of resulting in amblyopia.


To Provide you the best available treatment we’ve partnered with various reputed medical organisations which specializes in different areas of the eyes.

Vitreoretinal surgery

Vitreoretinal surgery is performed to cure a group of eye diseases. Vitreoretinal diseases are concerning the retina and the vitreous of the eye. As we age the structures of our eyes can be damaged and lead to eye problems. Viteroretinal surgery helps to prevent such problems.

Corneal transplantation

Corneal transplant is a surgery in which a part of cornea is replaced with corneal tissue from a donor. Cornea holds a large part of the eye’s focusing power. Cornea transplant helps to restore vision and improve the health of damaged cornea.