Why You Should Not Delay Scheduling Cataract Surgery
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Cataract is one of the most common ailments experienced by older adults. This can be easily treated by surgery. But, some might feel nervous about it and may prolong its treatment. If the surgery is delayed or ignored, it can lead to serious vision impairments. This may cause complications like- blurred, hazy or cloudy vision, impaired color vision, glare around lights and sensitivity towards light.

It is important to note that there is no medicine or eye drop to prevent or reverse the formation of cataract.

If left untreated for a longer period of time, this can also lead to glaucoma.

Cataract surgeries have restored vision of many in the least invasive manner. With the advancement in technology with micro-incision surgery and laser-assisted surgery, cataract can be treated with more ease and less complexities. This makes cataract surgeries one of the safest and most-effective surgeries.

It is very critical to note that there are chances of cataract turning into hyper-mature, this will make the removal more difficult and may cause complications.

This may also lead to increased complication rate.

Apart from this, there are several other risks that are involved with delaying the cataract surgery:

  • Interfering with routine activities: This will prevent you from performing your routine activities like, reading, driving, watching television, doing hobbies and so on.
  • Making driving at night a complication: Cataract can make the eyes sensitive to light. The cloudy patch of cataract tends to scatter the light that is coming into the eyes. This causes creation of halos around the sources of light which may prove as a hazard while driving at night.

Untreated cataract may cause serious impairment to your vision. This may lead to your lens getting more harder, increasing the rate of complication, which could also mean full or partial sight-loss.

Cataract surgery is one among the foremost common performed, with a high success rate and typically not necessary to stay overnight in the hospital. During the surgery the cloudy lens is removed and replaced with an artificial lens, which usually results in restoring clear vision.

With cataract your vision can never improve. It is advisable to not wait for cataract to become more mature. This will only prevent more productive output and will impair the overall quality of life. Do not delay cataract surgery when you can regain crystal clear vision and resume back to your routine activities immediately.

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  1. very informative information! Very insightful for the elderly.

    1. We plan to keep your elderly safe with these information ! Stay tuned for more blogs.
      Or check out our recent case studies !
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