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Simple Home Eye Care Tips

In the online world today, constantly working in front of computers, being on mobiles have become compulsory and has increased tremendously. In this scenario it is very important to take care of your eyes the most. The most unrest we feel is with the eyes to increase on screen time. This results in the reddishness in eyes, itching, strain and much more.

We all think that it will be fine after we switch off the systems and take rest. But do we do so? No, so why can’t we take measures and use some simple advises for taking care of eyes by paying some attention to our eyes by using household measures. This can be an effective way to help reduce the irritation.

So, let’s discuss few tips for eye care at home:

Eye Care at Home :

  • Placing the work station at Right Distance

Work from home requires more efficiency and long working hours. This cannot be avoided, therefore to avoid the rays of the screen affecting the eyes directly, it is safe to keep the screen at a certain distance. This will enable to reduce the risk of eyes getting affected by the rays.

  • Proper lighting in the room

It is advisable to work in a room with proper lighting as this will help in avoiding the squinting of eyes for reading anything from the screen. Proper light will help focus better on things shown on the screen.

  • Breaks at regular intervals

Working hard is very good, but working by destroying your eyes is not good. Therefore, work hard, but get up at equal intervals and take a break for 5 mins. This will not only help you to concentrate better and be focused but also will give rest to your eyes which will help you work for longer hours.

  • Eye Exercises

Eye exercises are very beneficial in reducing the tiredness of the eyes. I also helps in maintaining the movement of eyes proper. It also helps in reduction of numbers of lenses and eradicates eye problems.

  • Wear proper protective eyewear

Were proper protective eye wears for protection against dust and Pollution. External components are harmful for the eyes and in long run create severe problems. It is also good to wash the eyes with water once back home. This will help in maintaining the sharp eyesight.

  • Avoid touching eyes

Due to pollution and constantly working in front of the screen sometimes creates itching in the eyes. Please avoid itching, as the dust particles and germs in our hands will create more irritation in the eyes and increase more problems towards it. The best way to deal with the itching is use good lubricant eye drop and as possible to avoid touching.

Further, to the above measures it would be comparatively easy to manager a healthy eye, but in case of severe reactions, do not wait and consult a doctor immediately.

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2 Replies to “Simple Home Eye Care Tips Anyone can Follow!”

  1. What caught my attention is when you said that you can protect your eyes from the rays coming from your play workstation. This reminds me of my husband who is planning to order eye drop products before Friday comes. He has been complaining about blurry vision for the past two weeks, so it will make sense for him to give more attention to proper eye care steps.

  2. Thank you for sharing this one. A must read article!

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