Is ghee good for eyes
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The answer is Yes.

For maintaining eye health ghee is a good source as it contains the omega 3 fatty acid like an antioxidant that solves the problem of visionary eyesight. Desi ghee contains vitamins that help to reduce and prevent dark circles under-eye bags.

Is ghee good for eyes?

For enhancing eye health, ghee eye-bath which is also called as Netra-Tarpana is good in Ayurvedic treatment. According to clinical research, it is proven that ghee is good for the eyes. The use of ghee for eyes can maintain the hydration level of eyes and cure the problem of dry eye syndrome. It is always wise to use good quality cow ghee for eyes care.

Best ways to use ghee for eyes

Ghee is considered natural oil for the eyes as it provides a cooling effect that keeps the eyes fresh and reduces the fatigue effects. There are some steps that help to understand the proper way of using ghee.

  1. To heat 2-3 tablespoons of ghee use sterile equipment and avoid the use of ghee that has come in contact with food items and non-sterile equipment.
  2. Let the ghee cool down as it is highly forbidden to pour hot ghee into your eyes.
  3. Now lay your head down and press the eyecup which is filled with ghee.
  4. Open your eyes and keep holding the cup in a steady position for 2 minutes.
  5. Keep blinking your eyes and looking all around to cover the eyes completely with ghee.

Other ways of Home Remedies to use ghee

  • Using ghee for eyes on a daily basis provides beneficial results to poor vision. For this, mix the drops of ghee with black pepper and consume daily.
  • For improving the eyesight apply the ghee on the sole of your feet.
  • Using ghee in a regular diet helps in improving eyesight.

Benefits of cow ghee for eyes – Consume ghee in diet

You can use cow ghee in your daily diet as for high-temperature cooking like baking and deep-frying ghee is best. Cow ghee in diet can be included for pregnant women which helps to development of the brain and also for eyesight. Ghee helps in increasing HDL cholesterol but on the same side, too much consumption of ghee is bad for health. While consumption of ghee in your daily diet helps to manage joint aches, weight and enhance the immune system. Ghee is also proven beneficial for hairs and skin.

On the Whole

However, ayurvedic treatment has the best practices and therapy experts for the eyes. Apart from practices and experts use of pure quality cow ghee for eyes is also important. Cow ghee helps to improve optimal vision and health, also renders youthful skin. Taking a small amount of ghee applied around the eyes every night reduces swelling and tiredness of the eyes. While spending lots of money on expensive eye drops and eye care products it’s better you had spent money on premium high-quality ghee. It is not a process of just one night. It takes time to get good results for the eyes.

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