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Eye Care Emergencies: Signs You Should Not Ignore

Although we’re all aware of the fact that routine eye checkups and exams will enable the detection of any warning signs of disease and prevent vision loss, a significant number of individuals don’t seek medical attention when they should, particularly when they’re struggling with eye problems. Here are a few of those signs you should never ignore:

  1. Seeing Floaters
    Sometimes in a while, we may have had experience seeing shadows and blobs floating here and there in our field of vision, especially when looking at a solid colored or brightly colored background. These spots are called floaters. Floaters are fairly common, but if you have many eye floaters and flashes, combined with symptoms of pain and loss of peripheral vision, there could be a serious underlying condition called a retinal detachment. Don’t delay and seek medical attention within 24 hours.
  2. Persistent Irritation
    When we rub our eyes or have a cold, we can have eyes that are red, runny, and more sensitive than usual. What should be alarming, however, is when irritated eyes are followed by consistent swelling, abnormal discharge, disrupted vision, and itchiness – all signs of eye conditions like conjunctivitis, an incredibly contagious disease. Redness and irritation can also indicate a corneal scratch, uveitis, or glaucoma.
  3. Eyes that are Watery
    Whenever our eyes turn watery, this can be an involuntary reaction to a foreign object entering the eye or an allergic reaction. The problem starts when your eyes water for long periods of time and prove to be a hindrance in everyday living. The symptoms could also indicate the presence of much more serious problems like tear duct problems or corneal scratches.
  4. Severe Eye Pain
    Eye pain can be caused by a variety of factors and this sensation should not be taken lightly: The pain you’re experiencing could be the result of lurking angle-closure glaucoma, corneal abrasions, ulcers, scleritis, orbital cellulitis, and sinusitis.
  5. Traumatic Accidents
    In case you’re ever hit or poked in the eye because of an accident, you could end up with a scratched cornea. Signs that’ll help you know if you’ve damaged your cornea big time include pain, tearing, and the constant feeling that something’s stuck in your eye. If these symptoms persist, visit your eye doctor immediately because you’re experiencing one of many eye care emergencies. The doctor will try to relieve your condition with antibiotic ointment and an eye patch.
  6. Droopy Eyelids
    If you find that your eyelids are droopier than usual, you may attribute this sagging to aging. But know this: Droopy eyelids, also known as ptosis, could be a sign of impending nerve damage, a stroke, brain tumor, or other serious neurological conditions.
  7. Bulging Eyes
    Certain pre-existing conditions can cause bulging eyes. For instance, injuries in the eye socket or unusual blood vessels popping up behind your eye can cause this bulging. The presence of this symptom also suggests the presence of other chronic illnesses like thyroid (Grave’s disease), eye socket problems (inflammation, tumor, bacterial infections).
  8. Headaches
    If you’ve been having a headache for quite some time now, it could be a good time to have an eye doctor examine the nerves in your eyes and the optic discs. It’s interesting to observe that the original source of the headache could actually be the area around the eye – the pain simply radiates and moves from region to region. Headaches, along with dry eyes should be taken seriously. Make sure you go to an ophthalmologist for further testing.

As always, treating an eye emergency will depend on a specific cause. Most treatments normally include eye drops, medication, or surgery. But if symptoms last longer than usual, treatment from a medical professional should be sought right away.

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