Does Wearing Glasses Make your Eyes Sunken
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The skin under the eyes is very delicate, sometimes skin under the eyes appearing hollow, dark, and sunken. Usually sunken is due to dehydration, results of aging, and reason of not getting enough sleep. If you’re wearing glasses for more and more years, you noticed that your eyes become small, get dark circles, and appear sunken. Generally, wearing too much glasses can make your eyes small and you can notice the dark circles under your eyes which causes your eyes to be sunken. The exact appearance of sunken is different from person to person. Read the article in detail to know more about the sunken causes to eyes due to wearing glasses for a long time.

Does Wearing Glasses Make your Eyes Sunken?

Scientifically, eyes sunken are a common sign and it causes eyes if you are wearing too much eyeglasses. You probably notice the people you wearing more glasses have small eyes and see exhausted eyes with having dark circles which are signs of sunken. It also has another name like “under eye-hollows” as it describes that there are hollowing under the eyes. The skin under the eyes looks thin and dark. Overall the eye sunken often fatigued and tired look on the face.

Causes of Eyes Sunken

Mostly sunken eyes are not considered a medical problem. The issues regarding health and lifestyle can cause and affect the skin under the eyes. The following are some of the causes for sunken.

1. Aging

As you get older you lose fat and bone density in your body including your face. If you have glasses, with the age you are habitual of wearing too much glasses that can affect the skin under eyes by making it lose, making dark hollows, and more translucent.

2. Vitamin Deficiencies

The deficiencies of vitamin C, vitamin K, and iron can cause the eye and become sunken. In fact, the hollows under the eyes are signs of undernutrition. Vitamin C helps in absorbing iron whereas Vitamin K is responsible for blood clotting. Deficiencies of both vitamins make unhealthy skin and sunken eyes.

3. Weight Loss

Most people tend to lose their weight on the face which is dramatic enough to cause blood vessels below the eyes, the skin becomes transparent and producing appearance of eyes sunken.

4. Genetics

In medical science, it is possible of having eyes sunken in people due to their genetics or  DNA. For example, the effect of DNA shows in people by having a large eye socket due to its genetics.

5. Allergies

Allergies can cause the eyes to sink and dark circles under the eyes. This affects the attributes of inflammation in the tiny blood vessels below the eyes which are associated with allergies. Due to allergies some people rub or scratch the skin around the eyes which lead to irritation.

How Eyes Sunken are Treated?

There are some ways to improve the situation of eye sunken which you have to go with for a long time process. You should need to drink at least eight glasses of water which can cure the dehydration effect in your eyes. Eat more green vegetables and fruits that contain rich vitamins. Before going to sleep every night you should give a warm and cold compress to your eyes. You should wear the right eyeglasses that will not damage your eyes. Simply, you should wear glasses which can not affect the shape of your eyes.

The Bottom Line

However, the concern of any person about their eyes should be addressed first by consulting with your doctor as based on physical exam your doctor may request for some test to determine the cause of eyes sunken. The person should consult and go for an eye checkup with their doctor to wear the right glasses that can not cause sunken eyes.

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