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Care After Cataract Surgery: Five Things You Must Do

Cataract Surgery is one of the best advances in eye care which is quick simple and has many benefits.

Despite the fact that the procedure isn’t much of a risk, there are a few post-recovery steps that must be taken care of so that the patients can get the best possible outcome.

Here are five important steps patients must take after undergoing cataract treatment.

The Basics: What to do right after cataract surgery?

After the surgery is complete, your eye doctor will prescribe eye drops or other medication to limit the risk of infections, reduce inflammation and control your eye pressure. To return home, it is mandatory that you have someone accompany you on your way back, ideally a friend or a relative. After you return, it’s essential to have some rest and have a quick nap.

Other post-cataract surgery measures include:

  1. Avoid Driving Post-Surgery
    Although it is common knowledge that you won’t be able to drive directly after undergoing a cataract operation, you should stay away from driving few more days too – this could be 3-4 days depending on the severity of your case and the doctor’s instructions. But you can be rest assured because after your first follow-up appointment, your eye doctor will give you a time frame of when you can drive again.
  2. Keep Your Eyes Protected
    The first thing you should do after surgery is to make sure your eye(s) are covered with a clear, protective shield. That will act as a barrier to protect your eyes from dirt and pollutants. You can remove this shield for a few hours, but don’t discard it because you’ll need it when sleeping and for at least 4-5 days post cataract operation. Keep in mind that you may experience distorted vision for some time once the shield is removed.
  3. Avoid Harsh Lighting
    Something critical to keep in mind: Your eyes will need extra healing post-cataract treatment, so make sure you avoid harsh, blinding lights for the next 24 hours. Sources of such light may be light from the television, mobile phone, tablet device, computer, laptop, etc. If fluorescent lighting is common in your home, try and keep these lights off and switch to dim, lamp lighting instead. The key here is to take it easy and rest your eyes as much as possible. Your eyes need healing and not overstimulation.
  4. Take Care When Bathing
    Although patients can shower and take a bath after a cataract operation, they’ll have to make a few adjustments and changes in their routine. Some of these changes can include not splashing your face with water, particularly soapy water. Ideally, you must follow this routine for at least a week post-surgery for your eye(s) to heal and improve. In the first week after your cataract operation, your eye is like an open wound, exposed to infection. Dirtying and polluting your eye with dirty water can bring on a painful infection and other problems. Here’s an alternative in such cases: Use face wipes or a damp face cloth to wipe your face during the first week post-surgery.
  5. Listen to Your Doctor’s Instructions
    Some of these instructions could be:

    1. Always remember to wear dark, UV sunglasses in the first few weeks post-surgery when heading outdoors
    2. Intense physical exercise and heavy lifting must be avoided for 3-4 weeks
    3. Take your antibiotics to guard against infections
    4. Likewise, make sure to finish your course of disinfectant eye drops to avoid infection
    5. Your home must be clean and dust-free

Your eye(s) is an open, healing wound in the first few days after cataract surgery. It is your responsibility to care for them.

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Five Things You Must Do”

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