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Glaucoma Treatment:

There are many eye diseases that occur, but glaucoma is the one disease which is heard as one of the critical ones.  Below is the detailed description that helps you understand the disease better and helps you take preventive measures to avoid any further damage to your eyes.

What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a disease in which an optic nerve which is responsible for clear vision gets damaged. This damage is caused normally by abnormally high pressure in the eyes. The disease is normally hard to detect in the initial stage, and is easily detected in the advanced stage due to worse situations.

It is not possible to reverse the damage caused by Glaucoma, therefore it is advisable to keep a continuous follow up with the doctors specially after detection. If the patient is discovered with the disease, then they would have to carry on the medicines and follow ups rest of the life.

Who is at the risk?

Normally Glaucoma can happen to anyone from infant to adults, but some people are more likely to get this disease, they are:

  • Adults above 40 years;
  • Person having Migraine, Diabetes or Hypertension;
  • Having powered glasses;
  • Patients having more consumption or on longer period of time on steroids;
  • Any previous eye Surgery;
  • Any history of eye trauma or injury;
  • Any Family history of Glaucoma.


There are five types of glaucoma seen in the patients:

  • Open Angle Glaucoma

This type of Glaucoma is normally seen due to high eye pressure and slowly causes damage to optic nerve. The doctor normally makes efforts to lower the eye pressure to help stop the further damage.

  • Angle Closure Glaucoma

This Glaucoma happens in an angle or the drainage area which is either closed or narrow. This results in stoppage of passing the fluids or water and slowly converting into eye pressure. The doctors try to cure it by giving oral medicines to control the pressure.

  • Secondary Glaucoma

This type of Glaucoma arises due to injury or trauma. This may result in complicated surgeries or procedures to stop the damage. This is also defined as deposition of flaky material in the eyes.

  • Steroid- Induced Glaucoma

This is as clear as its name is. This glaucoma is seen in the patients who have been taking steroids from a longer period of time. There can also be a family history of Glaucoma. The doctors request the patients to reduce or stop the usage of steroids to avoid more damage.

  • Glaucoma in Children

This Glaucoma can be there in children from the birth or may be developed in the initial years. This can result due to underlying medical condition as well.


Looking for best Glaucoma Treatment near You?

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