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Eye Fatigue: Causes and Prevention

Eye fatigue can be caused by a variety of factors. In today’s world, we suffer from strained eyes as a result of our work environment, which is now primarily desk work with a lot of screen watching and minimal physical activity or exercise. This, along with a number of other variables, can increase your chances of developing poor vision, impaired vision, and other vision problems.

– Exposure to UV Rays

Prolonged exposure to UV radiation can put us in danger of significant eye illnesses such as cataracts and other forms of abnormal growth.

– Used Contact Lenses

When handling contact lenses, people who wear them should follow a strict regimen of keeping their hands clean at all times.
They should also make sure that the lenses or solution they’re using aren’t expired.
When we don’t take care of our contacts, infections and diseases can easily spread.

– Rubbing Your Eyes

Rubbing your eyes, contrary to popular belief, significantly increases the risk of vision damage rather than offering relief. We get dust and bacteria into our eyes when we rub them, which might contribute to vision difficulties later.

– Using Expired Cosmetic Products

Many people overlook the expiration date on eye makeup or other cosmetics they use on a regular basis. Using expired eye makeup or products can harm our vision.

– Smoking

Smoking, in addition to being terrible for your overall health, can cause a variety of vision problems. Risks of age-related macular degeneration, cataracts, and diabetic retinopathy are all increased by smoking.

– Screen Time

Staring at a digital screen for long periods of time puts a lot of strain on our eyes and can lead to poor vision. As technology has become an integral part of our lives, computer vision syndrome or digital eye strain has become a problem.

– Skipping Your Annual Eye Exam

Our first line of defence against vision disorders is regular eye exams.
Glaucoma, for example, can be detected during frequent check-ups, and the damage it causes can be successfully reduced.
Skipping your annual eye checkup might have a significant influence on your eye health.

– Dependence On Eye Drops

Eye drops that reduce redness in the eye can be quite beneficial—but applying them frequently can harm our eyes.
Eye drops work by narrowing our blood vessels. But relying on them too much can lead to long-term eye damage.


Below are several exercises that promise to promote eye health and help you reduce any eye strain problems. The best part about these eye workouts is that they don’t take long to complete, need no special equipment, and are simple to perform.

Five Simple Eye Muscle Strengthening Exercises

1. The Palming Practice:

This exercise is designed to help you relax your eyes and relieve stress. It’s a quick pause in which you cover your eyes with your palm cupped and your fingers on your brow. When placing your hands on your eyes, don’t apply too much pressure. This exercise can help you relax your eyes and mind while working by removing tension from your regular routine.

2. The Blinking Exercise:

If someone has to be told to blink their eyes, they are the embodiment of laziness. Thanks to electronic media and shorter attention spans, people are now blinking less. This drop results in a lack of lubrication for the eyes. Blinking is an effective way to relieve weary, itchy, and dry eyes. For around five seconds, vigorously blink your eyes for quick relief.

3. The Roll Your Eyes Exercise:

You must be seated comfortably for the Roll Your Eyes Exercise. It’s a two-minute workout. Begin with rolling your eyeballs clockwise while keeping your eyes open, then do the same thing counterclockwise. Slowly stretch your eyes out as far as they will allow. This practice can help you relax your eyes. You should be able to focus considerably better after doing this exercise for about 2-3 minutes.

4. Compresses, both hot and cold:

Take a bowl of cold water and another one that has hot water. In each bowl, dip one end of a towel or washcloth. Then place the hot compress over your brows and eyes. Enjoy the warmth for at least five seconds before switching to a cold compress. Keep the cold compress for another five seconds. At least five times, repeat this routine.

5. The Shifting of Focus Exercise:

Another simple exercise that can help strengthen weakened eye muscles is this one. To begin, concentrate for roughly five seconds on a nearby object. Then shift your attention to distant objects for another five seconds. The eye muscles are strengthened and refreshed as a result of this sporadic shifting.

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